Shure BLX288/PG58-H10 Karaoke Microphone System Review

Shure BLX288/PG58-H10 Karaoke Microphone System Review

Karaoke is certainly fun, but it can get a bit exhausting to always have to go out to venues to get your fix. Don't you wish that you could just stay home, relax and put on some tunes to sing along to with a few close friends sometimes? In these situations, it helps greatly to invest in a home karaoke setup.

You will find that setup karaoke at home is not as expensive as it may sound. With the wealth of lyric videos and karaoke videos available on Youtube, you have access to almost anything you may wish to listen to. Certain home karaoke machines will even automatically isolate the vocals on certain tracks so you can sing over them.

Shure BLX288/PG58-H10 Karaoke Microphone

You have quite a few options when it comes to ways to perform karaoke at your home. The more traditional option is a karaoke system which features buyable tracks from the manufacturer or a third party. These have slowly been phased out in favor of newer, more versatile karaoke machines.

The next option you have is a karaoke microphone stand. These combine a karaoke machine, a microphone and a mic stands all into one convenient package. These are usually an excellent option if you do not already have a microphone at home, as a karaoke machine may not always include one.

The final option you have is a wireless microphone receiver. These tend to be more complicated options that require some knowledge in terms of frequencies and audio. The product we will be reviewing today is in this category. Before we get to our review, we will look at some of the more crucial features to search for in a high-quality karaoke microphone.

Number Of Microphones

One important consideration to make before you purchase a karaoke microphone is the number of mics which are included in the package. Keep in mind that some karaoke systems may not even come included with a microphone, this helps make them more affordable and gives you the freedom of choosing your mic.

You should not only consider the number of microphones which are included with your product but also the number of microphones with which it is compatible. If you plan on having a huge karaoke party and would like to hook up four microphones, you should invest in a model which is capable of doing so.


This is an aspect which only matters for karaoke machines in the form of wireless microphone receivers. Wireless microphones need to operate on a specific radio frequency to ensure that they have a consistent and clear channel to the receiver. Seeing as the receiver transmits the sound to your amp and speakers, this is somewhat crucial.

Shure BLX288/PG58-H10 Karaoke Receiver

When you purchase certain models of microphone receiver, you will have the option to choose the frequency band in which it will operate. The manufacturer will usually provide a tool on their website in which you insert your location and discover the ideal frequency band for your area. An overcrowded band will result in interference and reduced quality.

About The Product

The BLX288/PG58-H10 is manufactured by Shure. Shure is one of the best makers of microphones in the world. This wireless microphone receiver is an excellent choice for a high-quality karaoke machine. It may be used for both personal use and commercial use thanks to its high level of audio fidelity.

  • The BLX88 dual wireless microphone receiver is included in this package
  • 2 PG58 wireless microphones are included in this package
  • Vocal quality is highly improved by the dynamic cardioid design of the microphones
  • Product features user controlled gain
  • Product features a one touch frequency finder so you can find the least crowded frequency
  • 14 hour battery life makes the microphones long lasting
  • There are 6 available models, all of which operate in different frequency bands


We were not surprised that this particular product is one of the higher quality models we have ever tested. That much could have been guessed just through the price and the manufacturer.

We will start with the most important aspect: the audio quality. This is very likely the best wireless receiver we have had the privilege of testing. Never once did the microphones cut out on us while they were in use and the sound quality only noticeable deteriorated on very rare occasions.

Beyond the excellent sound quality, the microphones lasted for about 12 to 13 hours, which is just under the amount of time which is advertised. We also greatly appreciated the inclusion of the one touch frequency finder, which saves you the trouble of having to fiddle around with the receiver to find an ideal frequency.

What Others Say

Other customers were just as impressed with this receiver as we were. While we only found a few reviews in which the customer used it for karaoke, those who did said that they were blown away by the quality. In other praise, customers were also thankful for the one touch frequency finder, making this product much more accessible.

Shure BLX288/PG58-H10 Karaoke Microphone System


Regarding negatives, the only complaint we have noticed is that this product is only capable of working with two microphones at a time. If you wish to use four mics, you have to purchase a second receiver.

Buying Advice

This is one of the more expensive products we have reviewed, if not the most expensive, coming in at 500 dollars. While this may seem high, keep in mind that this is a piece of professional audio equipment, made for use in bars and other similar venues. It can be found most often on


The Shure BLX288/PG58 is an excellent option for those would like professional sound quality in their home or business karaoke setup. We would say that this model is capable of being used in a commercial setting thanks to the excellent degree of sound quality and the impressive built quality.

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