A Guide To Purchasing The Best Karaoke Microphone

A Guide To Purchasing The Best Karaoke Microphone

Going out for a karaoke night with friends can always be a fun experience. Why not bring that fun to your home with a karaoke system? Today, we will be looking at karaoke systems and the best karaoke microphones in particular. If you take pride in sounding good, you may be interested in getting the most out of your microphone.

Before we get into our reviews in search of the best microphone for karaoke, we will be giving some advice on choosing the best karaoke microphone system. We will also be looking at the aspects that go into making an excellent karaoke microphone.

Karaoke Microphone On Stand

This way you will be able to know what to search for in the best karaoke microphone, even if none of the products we review interests you.

Of course, you may skip past any of these sections and go directly to our reviews of the best karaoke microphones, but we would recommend that even experienced karaoke singers bear with us. There is a wealth of information coming up on how to find the best microphone for home karaoke.

Keep in mind that this information will help you not only find the best karaoke microphone, but also any form of a microphone, regardless of your needs. The same characteristics that go into making a great karaoke microphone will go into any good microphone, so this is a very versatile buying guide, especially for those interested in more than karaoke.

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Advice For Buying A Home Karaoke System

Finding the right home karaoke system is only the first step towards enjoying a great karaoke experience in your home. Many times, home karaoke systems come included with cheap, ineffective microphones that suffer from excessive feedback and voice distortion.

Even if you opted for a home karaoke system with a high-quality microphone in the first place, you might still need an extra one if you decide to do duets with guests. Instead of sharing a single mic, it gets quite a bit easier to use a pair of microphones instead so that you can both have a bit of freedom of movement as you perform.

If you have yet to buy a home karaoke system, you have a few choice when it comes to the type of microphone you will be using. Most of the time, when a system comes included with a portable karaoke microphone, it will either be of low quality, or it will be overpriced.

You are often in a better position if you opt to purchase your karaoke system first and a more expensive mic later on. Since most karaoke systems will at least come with a cheap microphone, it helps to opt for a karaoke system or karaoke microphone stands that are of high quality but not excessive regarding their price point.

MagicSing Karaoke Microphone

Keep in mind that you would be better off opting for a microphone that works with your karaoke system as well as your other devices. There is nothing worse than having to purchase several microphones because your karaoke mic makes use of an outdated cable or a cable which is only usable with your karaoke system.

Keep in mind that your microphone should be made to last you a long time, especially if you plan on using it for more than just karaoke. If you plan on using the same microphone to record your music and for other applications, you should think of the best karaoke microphone as a long term investment that will contribute to your music.

A good microphone can make a world of difference in terms of recording quality. Even the best Bluetooth karaoke microphone can be more consistent and reliable than some of the cheapest wired microphones we have seen. Do not be afraid to spend a decent sum of money on your microphone, because it can help you avoid trouble later on.

If you end up cutting corners while looking for the best karaoke microphone, you may end up with a product which will malfunction the moment it arrives. Even worse, it can stop working past the 30-day return limit, and you can be stuck with nothing more than a microphone shaped paperweight. Do not be afraid to invest in quality when you are making your purchase.

Choosing The Best Karaoke Microphone

The first thing to consider before you start looking for the best karaoke microphone for your needs is to establish your needs. It is going to be hard to find the ideal product if you don't even know what you're looking for in the first place, so it helps to take a step back and consider the exact application of your microphone.

For example, if you are not fond of duets, you may wish to only invest in a single high-quality mic. This can save you money or get you a better quality microphone than if you were to purchase two. On the other hand, if you often have many friends over, you may wish to invest in even more than two mics for your karaoke setup.

Keep in mind that every karaoke system has a different number of mic inputs, so be sure to check how many mics you are capable of using in the first place. Doing this before you make your purchase will end up saving you trouble as you will not inadvertently purchase too many mics, necessitating a return.

Karaoke Microphone Output

You should also take alternative concerns into account while you are making your purchase. For example, do you have any other intended uses for the microphone beside your karaoke setup? The best karaoke microphone will not only be useful for karaoke, after all. It may also be used to record your music.

Of course, nothing will beat a professional recording studio, but a high quality mic at home allows you to record demos and snippets much more effectively than with a mic that distorts everything. Karaoke mics that come with some systems tend to be of very low quality, as high-quality mics can tend to get rather expensive.

Types Of Microphone

There are several types of mics and in order to find the best karaoke microphone for your needs, you will have to pick one of them. They all have broadly varying characteristics and some are optimized for certain uses whereas others tend to be a bit more generalized in their intended application.

Karaoke Microphone For TV

These types of karaoke microphones are made to plug directly into your TV for use with either smart TV karaoke applications or a simple Youtube video. While TV karaoke microphones used to be very popular, they are beginning to wane in popularity due to the presence of iPads and other devices that are easier to use for quick karaoke.

Karaoke Microphone For iPad

These karaoke microphones are made to function with iPads and other tablets. They can be used with either proprietary karaoke apps or simply Youtube karaoke videos. They tend to be highly convenient, and the microphones can be of surprisingly high quality. These are some of the best wireless karaoke microphones for use on the go.

Karaoke Microphone Stand

This product can vary highly depending on their price and their capabilities. Some karaoke mic stands are simple microphone stands that have no other functionality besides holding your microphone. On the other hand, you also have access to karaoke mic stands that are essentially a self-contained karaoke system.

Girl Singing On Karaoke Microphone Stand

These are highly convenient for homes in which you do not have enough space for a full karaoke system. A stand can often collapse or simply be put in a corner when it is not in use. Some karaoke microphone stands feature an integrated mic whereas others can have a mic attached separately.

Wired Vs Wireless

One more consideration to make before searching for the best karaoke microphone stand is whether you want it to be wired or wireless. There are advantages and disadvantages to both of these setups, and we will quickly go over some of the more important ones. First, we will look at wired microphones.

Wired mics have the advantage of a more consistent quality level thanks to the wired method of sound transmission. Unfortunately, they suffer in terms of ergonomics. Wireless mics, on the other hand, may experience some hiccups when it comes to voice quality, but they are far more convenient as you do not always have to account for the wire while using them.

Best Microphone For Home Karaoke

There are quite a few models out there worth looking at, so today we went through a bunch to pinpoint the top 2 best in the market to help your shopping.

Winner - Mifanstech Q9 Karaoke Microphone

This product from Mifanstech is an excellent choice of karaoke mic if you plan on using it on the go. The relatively small size makes this mic rather easy to transport, especially with the inclusion of a carrying case. Thanks to its wide range of Bluetooth connectivity, you can easily pair this microphone with most devices capable of playing karaoke tracks.

  • Functions using Bluetooth wireless connectivity
  • Includes its own built in speaker system
  • Features controls for both treble and bass adjustment, as well as echo
  • Battery may be charged through the use of a micro USB port
  • Compatible with 3.5mm audio jacks for devices without Bluetooth
  • Includes a micro USB cable, 3.5mm cable, and a carrying case

As for devices that cannot make use of Bluetooth, this model also comes included with a 3.5mm audio cable so it can be connected to almost any device. As you can see, connectivity is a staple of this device. Other karaoke systems and mics sometimes suffer from a lack of compatibility.

Mifanstech Q9 Karaoke Microphone

Source: topmusicalinstruments.com


A lack of compatibility can make a product either frustrating to use or downright impossible to use with certain other devices. This microphone, on the other hand, may be used with just about any modern laptop, tablet, phone or even smart TV so you can enjoy a bit of karaoke, alone or with friends.

Beyond the superlative connectivity and compatibility, this mic also has high-quality speakers. Since hearing the song clearly and properly is one of the most important things in karaoke, we believe it was the right choice to invest in such effective speakers.

The ability to adjust the bass and treble is a feature we particularly enjoyed, allowing us to fine tune our listening experience for each song.

Runner Up - Archeer VHF Bluetooth Microphone System

This microphone karaoke system from Archeer is one of the more high-end options you have available when it comes to singing karaoke through your microphone. As with most mic karaoke systems, it features both Bluetooth and audio cable connectivity.

  • Features built in Bluetooth 4.1 connectivity
  • Features a small, portable and lightweight design
  • Includes noise reduction technology
  • Requires an amp or a Bluetooth speaker to function
  • Each mic requires 2 AA batteries, not included with the product
  • Includes a 6.35mm audio cable, a power cord and a user manual

Keep in mind that the included cable is a 6.35mm jack and not the more common but lower fidelity 3.5mm jack. This does not mean that 3.5mm cables will not function with this system. On the contrary, you have the option between the 6.35mm cable and a 3.5mm cable; it is just that there is no 3.5mm cable included in the box thanks to their relative ubiquity.

Archeer VHF Karaoke Microphone System

Source: archeer.com


This karaoke system is not as casual as some of the other models we have reviewed. It helps to have at least some experience in mixing music when using this model. It is slightly more complicated to setup than your usual plug in and play karaoke system, but it is well worth it if you prioritize audio quality.

The inclusion of two mics with this system was a nice touch, since manufacturers of similar products often include only one mic with the receiver. This model is compatible with both wired speakers and Bluetooth speakers, but we found that a wired speaker tends to give you a much higher level of audio quality, as you would expect.

​Best Karaoke Microphone

Karaoke microphones can be as basic as a single microphone with preset songs or part of a complex system, complete with built-in speakers. With so many karaoke microphones for sale, we selected our best two on the market:

​Winner - Shure Super 55 Deluxe Vocal Microphone

The Super 55 Deluxe is by far the best Shure microphone for karaoke. In fact, it is one of the best Shure microphones for almost all vocal applications. We have to be honest, this microphone is one of our favorite models of mic that we have ever reviewed simply due to the legendary design and highly effective features for vocalists.

  • Features super-cardioid microphone functionality
  • Features a classic chrome microphone design
  • Features specialized frequency for better vocal response
  • Features a shock mounted cartridge for better noise insulation
  • Includes a mount for a swivel stand with a wide range of movement
  • Die cast casing results in increased durability for this microphone
  • Includes both a user guide and a storage bag with zipper

For example, this model features a high degree of gain before feedback as well as a frequency chosen for ideal vocal response. This microphone is effective for both singing and talking, so it may be used for a podcast when it is not in use for karaoke. The super-cardioid design is just icing on the cake when you consider these two prior design elements.

Shure Super 55 Deluxe Microphone

Source: shure.eu


Another one of our favorite aspects of this mic is the aesthetic. While it may not have much practical value, the chrome plated exterior of this microphone combined with the use of bright blue foam is a beautiful blend of past and present designs. This microphone will not go unnoticed when it is being used for karaoke.

The inclusion of a shock mounted cartridge helps reduce unwanted noises while you are singing with this microphone and the swivel stand mount features quite a bit of flexibility. The mount can be swiveled up to 45 degrees forward and 80 degrees through the horizontal arc. This is one of our favorite microphones we have reviewed.

Runner Up - Shure BLX288/PG58-H10 Wireless Vocal Combo

Shure is an industry leader when it comes to professional quality microphones. You will find that this is certainly the case with this product. While it is certainly an expensive set of equipment, being priced around 500 dollars, you will find few options for wireless karaoke that provide this level of fidelity and audio quality.

  • Package includes the BLX88 dual wireless receiver
  • Includes 2 PG58 wireless microphones
  • Dynamic cardioid microphones improve vocal quality measurably
  • Features adjustable gain control
  • Frequency matching is a quick and painless process
  • One touch frequency finder simplifies your work to a large degree
  • Mics feature 14 hours worth of battery life
  • Available in H8, H9, H10, J10, K12 and M15 models, all with varying frequencies

Before making your purchase, you should go to the Shure website and use their frequency finder to discover which frequency works best for your particular area. This ensures that you will get the best performance out of your wireless transmitter, as other frequencies may be heavily used in your immediate area, causing white noise and interference.

Shure BLX288/PG58-H10 Karaoke Microphone System

Source: bhphotovideo.com


The wireless microphones make use of AA batteries to function, and the battery life is advertised as 14 hours, but we have found it to be closer to 12 hours. This is still impressive and it should be more than long enough for several extended karaoke sessions.

This is a highly impressive microphone and receiver combo as it allows you to do so much more than simply set up karaoke. This product is recommended for those who value versatility in their audio devices. This device would be an integral part of any music venue using wireless mics, so it is a good choice for both business and personal use.

Best Karaoke Microphone System

A karaoke party at home can't be beat! But what type of karaoke system works the best and adapts to your needs and familiarity?

Singtrix Party Bundle

If you are looking for the best karaoke microphone that offers something a little more unique, you may prefer this bundle from Singtrix. Less of a microphone and more of a microphone included with a karaoke system, this bundle is an excellent choice for someone needing an all in one karaoke setup fast.

  • Features vocal effects to improve the sound of singing
  • Includes over 300 sound and vocal effects
  • Microphone features a built in HIT control
  • Includes a 40-watt stereo speaker with a subwoofer
  • Includes a professional microphone stand with boom arm and device holder
  • Compatible with guitars and keyboards for live karaoke
  • Compatible with laptops, smartphones and tablets

The inclusion of a professional microphone stand with an included device holder is an excellent touch. Far too often, bundles such as this one lack a device holder for the mic stand, making it harder to read lyrics on a tablet or phone. Features of convenience such as this define this bundle, especially since everything you will need is included right in the box.

Singtrix Party Bundle On White Background

Source: bhphotovideo.com


The most unique aspect of the Singtrix karaoke system is not the bundle, however. It is the proprietary software used in the karaoke device. This makes use of professional recording studio technology to provide filters and sound effects for your voice. This can range from autotuning for better vocals to gender switching vocal effects and more.

The Singtrix system adds a whole new layer to your karaoke experience by introducing these entertaining vocal effects. If you prefer not to use the vocal effects, Singtrix still provides a reliable and high-quality platform through which you can enjoy some karaoke. This party bundle is one of the more convenient microphone and karaoke systems we have come across.


We hope that this review guide has proved helpful in your quest for the best karaoke microphone. While it can be hard to judge a karaoke mic without having heard it in person, our expert opinions are certainly here to help.

We have tried to review a good variety of different products over the course of this guide at different price points, so we hope that you have found the ideal model for your needs and budget.

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